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"My unique one of a kind jewelry will enhance your  individuality and compliment your beauty."
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Complete your career suit, compliment that gorgeous evening gown and dress up those sexy, worn out blue jeans.  For all you fellas give that T-shirt a more rugged look that only you can pull off.
Hello Everyone,
I am a self taught jewelry designer whose design sense is greatly influenced by my African, Haitian, French, and Indian background.  In addition to several other colorful cultures such as Native American, Brazilian, and Mexican also greatly influence my work just to name a few. 
My interest in jewelry design began about fourteen years ago. Working for a wonderful woman who ran her own business selling her wholesale and handmade jewelry in flea markets jewelry shows throughout NYC.
 One afternoon, one of our clients came by and asked if I could repair a necklace she had purchased from us.  Without hesitation I said, "Sure, come back in an hour and I'll have it ready for you."  Without prior knowledge of jewelry design or repair I dug out my employer's jewelry tools and repaired the necklace for the client.  This was the start of my love affair with making jewelry.  I love what I do!
I design and create one of a kind, unique artisan jewelry to meet your style needs.  Whether your look is classic, contemporary or an ecclectic melange, I have beautiful selections from which you can purchase to your hearts content. 
Weddings, parties, soirees or whatever the occasion, everything you buy from this exclusive line will certainly be a welcomed addition to your wardrobe.
I am dedicated to  providing high-quality service, customer satisfaction and doing everything possible to exceed your expectations.
So make yourself at home and enjoy your shopping spree.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.  Your thoughts on my product line are of great interest to me.
Thank you,
Adorn yourself with Bijoux Jou Jou and you'll surely be unforgettable!
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