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B# 10
A pop of color! shell finished yellow pearlized beads, red and turquoise cubed swarovski crystals, sterling silver coil and sterling silver clasp.

length is 8 inches
Was $45 Now $35
Price: $35.00
B# 07
Luxurious! Jou Jou original handcrafted peridot chip bead (center piece), vintage brass flower beads, swarovski green diamond cut crystals, gold stone, sterling silver toggle clasp.

length is 9 1/2 inches
Was $145 Now $75
Price: $75.00
B# 30112
Giselle - swarovski crystals, purple shell finished beads, amethyst chips, irredescent light lilac turquoise, purple/black irredescent glass, rose glass leaves, fresh water purple pearls, amethyst solid oval beads, purple glass teardrops, silver tone chain

elastized for easy on easy off no clasp!
length is 8 inches
Was $60 Now $40
Price: $40.00
B# 06
Crystalize! swarovski turquoise cubed crystal beads, canary diamond cut crystals, sterling silver blue blown glass and sterling silver coil and clasp.

length is 8 3/4 inches
Price: $95.00
B# 01
Twinkle! silver irredescent glass beads, hematite seed beads, hematite rounds, sterling silver and sterling silver clasp.

length is 9 inches
Was $125 Now $45
Price: $45.00
B# 03
Charming! frosted glass, gold blown glass in yellow, green and clear glass, clear quartz, sterling silver chain and sterling silver S flower clasp.

length is 7 3/4 inches
Was $60 Now $30
Price: $30.00
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