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Love of Africa
Thank you everyone, in this photo I am wearing Zambia LA#10 Please view gallery for more photos while shopping  Enjoy!
LA# 10
Zambia - Cream glass beads, painted african wooden beads, mexican turquoise, shells, agate, brown jade, red coral, navy blue leather wrapped around wood cylinder beads with red patent leather faux crocodile tie,handcut layered leather flower toggle clasp with turquoise shell as closed clasp rest on nape of neck See gallery for back view
Price: $195.00
Madagascar - JouJou's intricate handcut leather patchwork in yellow and purple pleathers and red patent leather faux crocodile and lime green leather in the shape of africa, red coral, amethyst chips, peridot chips and coral chips, black patent pleather JouJou's handcrafted toggle clasp red pearl All triangle shapes are handcarved wood carved by JouJou and wrapped in JouJou's signature leather patchwork
Price: $175.00
LA# 07
Ethiopia - Length 6 inches Front side is Handcut Ankh in textured off white pleather, center of Ankh has handcut layered flower in red faux crocodile patent leather, lime green leather yellow textured leather with thick strip of black leather tied at the center Back of these earrings has a large handcut brick red leather ankh with a handcut layered flower in the center in black leather, green pearlized leather, yellow textured leather and green thin leather coil tied in the center at the top there is green heart shaped glass black diamond cut glass beads with red irredescent diamond cut glass bead with sterling silver earring hooks
Price: $55.00
LA# 02
Gambia - Length is 3 7/8 inches Handcut red patent leather, gold leather, green pearlized leather, yellow faux crocodile leather The back of these earrings are pink leather Please view photo gallery for the back view
Price: $45.00
LA# 04
Togo - Length is 6 3/8 inches Handcut leather white ankh, handcut bronze and gold leather flowers, clear crystal rhinestones, silver chain, sterling silver earring hooks and white metal textured buttons
Price: $60.00
LA# 09
Mali - Length is 12 1/2 inches Handcut leather/pleather patchwork, purple pearlized leather, navy with baby blue faux snakeskin leather, beige/brown faux snakeskin pleather, grass green pearlized leather, hunter green pleather, cobalt blue pleather, bronze leather, gold leather, olive green leather, green coil leather, peacock feather in front and back of earring front and back of earrings are the same Purple rhinestone in center of ankh
Price: $70.00
LA# 01
Heart and Soul - Length is 4 3/8 inches Shape of Africa in handcut leathers and pleathers in green pearlized green, patent pleather black and red patent leather. Back of earring is navy blue with a gorgeous small handcut ankh in green gold red and black leather and pleather Please view photo gallery for image of the back of these earrings
Price: $65.00
LA# 06
Uganda - Red, gold, green rhinestones, handcut yellow faux crocodile leather, red patent leather, green pearlized leather, gold leather, white leather, black floral embossed pleather Please view gallery at the bottom of this page for how I styled the back of these earrings Absolutely Gorgeous!
Price: $65.00
LA # 08
Nairobi, Kenya - Length 5 3/8 Handcut leather flower in burgundy leather, pink leather, gold leather, limegreen leather. Headband is in bright yellow leather. Face is in brownish tan leather, eyeshadow is hunter green pleather and eye liner is blk pleather. Ankh is in this gorgeous gold leather with a bright fushcia pink rinestone The chain that this gorgeous head is dangling from is gold plated with green/pink irredescent glass leaf beads with hunter green glass roud beads with sea green glass leaf beads, pink glass leaf beads hanging of the gold chain with gold plated earring hooks
Price: $75.00
LA # 11
Senegal - Cultured pearls in red black dyed and treated coffee beads, beige textured glass beads, red painted flat wood beads, sterling silver chain, white metal floral bali beads huge black feather at base of one earring with gorgeous wire wrapping at the top of the feather, small black and red feathers dangling from ankh on the other earring, the back side of ankh has a red faux crocodile patterned patent leather hand cut ankh with crystal rinestone in the center The other earring has a handcut cut ankh dangling from the silver chain the front side of this ankh is black textured leather and back side is in red faux crocodile patent leather The red side has a crystal rinestone in the center The back side of ankh has a red rinestone center
Price: $65.00
LA # 05
Benin - The large ankh is my leather patchwork hand cut snakeskin pleather with hand cut gorgeous bright gold leather the smaller ankh dangling from the large ankhs opening is handcut in blk patent pleather, green pearlized leather, gold leather and red rinestones in the center of each side of smaller ankh. The back of these earrings are identical
Price: $75.00
LA# 03
Queen of the Nile - Hand cut black leather for face, hand cut red patent leather for lips, hand cut gold leather for necklace hand cut mustard pleather, faux snakeskin pleather, olive green leather for head wrap with gold plated earring hooks Please view earring gallery below for how I styled the back of these earrings Surprising color combination!
Price: $65.00