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N# 404
Sanaa - Runway style! Black coral and Bamboo coral with a lobster clasp.
length of necklace is 22 inches
length of cascading center bamboo coral is 7 inches
Price: $165.00
N# 0050
Belgium - Lrge donut clear glass beads, chunky sqare clear plastic beads, round clear quartz beads, gold stone in cubes and round beads, copper blown glass, copper leather.
Price: $185.00
N# 30117
Decadence -
Price: $295.00
N# 2205
Mona - African turquoise, sterling silver, rose quartz, pearlized pink/taupe leather, light turquoise leather
Price: $225.00
N# 30116
Chans Elysee -
Price: $145.00
N# 32202
Solange - silver glass diamond cut beads, bronze leather, hematite, bali style flower bead, delicate silver chain, sterling silver bali beads, clear irredescent crystals, swarovski pink crystals, hematite cube, citrine stone chips, hematite mini donut, hematite rounds and drops, crushed green glass imbedded in clay and wrapped in pearlized leather strung with bronze leather coil, sterling silver clasp
length of neckline is 16 inches
length of cascaded pendant is 5 inches
Price: $125.00
N# 30008
Rising Sun - African turquoise, yellow oval glass, turquoise japanese glass cylinder beads, and sterling silver. Adorable!
length of necklace is 16 1/2
Price: $165.00
N# 84
Enlightened - This gorgeous bib necklace is made of leather coiling of gorgeous brass leather combined with red and turquoise austrian crystals. A must have for sure!

width is 5 1/2 inches, complete length is 26 inches
Price: $350.00
N# 2207
Odessa - Handcut and moulded leather flower clasp in pearlized grass green and mustard brown with cylinder wooden mustard brown bead hematite triangles with handpainted oval beads for other end of toggle clasp a JouJou original clasp. Rainbow flourite, botswana, indian bali beads, yellow green agate with brown hues.
Price: $225.00
N# 83
Catalina - Velor cylinder beads, cobalt blue glass beads, japanese cobalt blue large seed beads, pinkish lavender glass beads, hematite. Handcrafted leather floral toggle clasp in navy blue leather and other end in grey velor beads, japanese seed beads and cobalt blue glass with sterlling silver, white metal, Native American Indian head charm and leaf with a hematite ring Gorgeous Stunningly Unusual!!!
Price: $185.00
N# 83 Alternate Wearability
Catalina - Just tie a knot and slip through the toggle clasp Voila! an alternate style
Price: $185.00
N# 2204
Shadow Box - Vintage gold rope chain with crushed seagreen glass incased in clay wrapped in burgundy leather and tied with olive green leather A truly divine piece
Price: $235.00
N# 3333
Versailles -
Price: $175.00
N# 3004
Arizonza! What a fun piece! turquoise leather coil, bronze leather coil, Mexican turquoise, cubed sandstone, round sandstone, polished garnet ships, brass wire hand coiled, copper foiled orange and red glass teardrop, turquoise brown blend clay bead, vintage bronze flower bead and heart bead, gold japanese glass cylinder beads

length of necklace is 22 inches
length of pendants from center down is 5 1/2 inches
Price: $85.00
N# 30039
La Bella Vita - three dimensional triangle - Japanese glass cylinder beads, native american bead, deep turqoise braided leather, blk diamond cut glass, red irredescent round beads, mexican turquoise beads in oval and round shapes, sterling silver.

length of necklace is 19 inches
length of three dimensional pendant is 2 1/2 inches
Price: $140.00
N# 0049
Falling Leaves - large purple glass leaf with large hematite leaf, yellow, green,
purple/ green irredescent leaves hanging from delicate sterling silver rope and link chains, stering silver clasp.

length of chain is 16 inches
length of pendants is 4 inches
Price: $135.00
N# 30041
Congo - Coco beads, shell finished turquoise beads, red irredescent rounds, deep turquoise leather sterling silver and sterling silver S clasp.

length of necklace is 17 1/4
Price: $75.00
N# 401
Celebrity - Deep turquoise coil, shells, hematite seahorse, sterling silver square hoops, silver bali beads and a huge octagon clasp. Wow! look out Hollywood boulevard!

length of lariat is 47 inches

One Size Fits All
Price: $165.00
N# 30005
Porte Au Prince, Haiti - Hematite frog carved pendant, yellow glass oval beads, hematite rings, blk diamond glass beads and sterling silver chain, coil and clasp.

length of necklace is 17 3/4
Price: $125.00
N# 30013
Sunset - Lariat Style! pink opal, garnet chips, amethyst chips, african turquoise, hematite and sterling silver.

length of necklace is 43 inches
Price: $95.00
N# 30017
Denmark - red and turquoise swarovski crystals, red glass pendant, red, turquoise and royal blue shell finished beads, sterling silver bali beads, sterling link, sterling rope, sterling silver multi colored blown glass, green glass leaf and sterling silver clasp.

length around the neck is 19 inches
length of hanging design in front is 5 inches
Price: $145.00
N# 0014
Thailand - Sterling silver, hematite and faux turquoise clay beads. Clasp is a large toggle style( large white metal donut bead wrapped with deep turquoise coil and a straight shell finished turquoise bead to go through) please view image gallery for front and back views.

length of necklace is 22 1/2
Price: $75.00
N# 30020
Shanghai - fancy jasper solid stone rectangle beads, round clear quartz beads, hematite, green jasper chunky stone above JouJou original large fancy jasper stone pendant.

length of necklace is 20 1/2 inches
length of pendant is 5 inches
Price: $195.00
N# 30105
Anena - This is a necklace and bracelet set. Braided bronze and turquoise leathers, beads are braided into the leather - round dark brown beads, large square wood beads, turquoise/brown clay beads in cubed, donut, round and triangle squared off shapes, red and turquoise cubed swarovski crystal beads, brazilian turquoise clay beads, african bone

length of necklace is 25 inches
length of bracelet is 8 inches

Price: $145.00
N# 409
Chantal - metalized agate, amethyst chips, sterling silver toggle clasp and silver tone array of chains.

length of necklace is 26 inches

Price: $165.00
N# 30103
Somalia - brown jade, brown/green agate horns, bronze vintage rose beads, gold foiled green and brown glass, green cultured fresh water pearls, vintage look sterling silver toggle clasp, green foiled glass

length of necklace is 20 inches
length of jade pendant is 3 inches

Price: $145.00
N - 30115
Moulin Rouge - rich red coral, turquoise/black marble rounds, silver tone suncatcher charms, silver tone vintage beads, sterling silver vintage like toggle clasp, hand braided leather S clasp hook in front leather knot, silver tone chain

length of necklace is 15 1/2 inches
length of cascaded charm is 5 1/4 inches
Was $125 Now $65
Price: $65.00
N# 2203
New York - bronze leather coil wrapped donut with hematite and sterling silver

Price: $125.00
N# 2205
Night Owl - Thin sterling silver chain with round hematite beads with canary swarovski crystal beads and a beautifully carved in detail owl on a tree branch
Price: $125.00
N# 30001
Serenity! Rainbow flourite, sterling silver chains, silver coiled curved beads, sea green glass leaves intricate white metal cap, large adventurine flat teardrop, large amethyst beads, dark turquoise-green leather coil large irredescent pearl flat bead, sterling silver coil and large intricate sterling silver S clasp. Sublime!
Price: $225.00
N# 0045
Sunrise - luxurious chunks of lemon quartz with tantalizing coral and beautiful ribbed silver cupping and clasp.

length of necklace is 17 1/2
Price: $125.00
N# 30029
Uruguay - Mother of pearl blend, goldstone rounds, green glass leaves, jade, tigers eye rose, wood cylinder orange plastic with pearlized blend open square, shell finished pearlized bead, orange gold blown glass and sterling silver!

length is 31 1/2 inches

One Size Fits All
Price: $165.00
N# 30004
Rainbow! multi color cotton knitted collar, japanese glass, shells goldstone, yellow crystal, raw shell, deep turquoise leather, glass, jade, wood, indian glass beads, painted wood and red glass. Marvelous!

length of necklace is 24 1/2
Price: $195.00
N - 30033
Unpredictable! green, black, turquoise, rose, yellow and clear glass, red swarovski crystals, hematite beads, blk diamond glass, shell finished beads, silver chains and sterling silver S clasp.

length of necklace is 20 inches
length of cascading pendant is roughly 11 inches
Price: $245.00
N# 32249
Bahamas -
Price: $85.00
N# 30007
Fashionista! gold blown glass, shell finished beads, mother of pearl, faux pearl, variations of glass, copper leather coil, deep turquoise leather coil, picture jasper, tigers eye, clear quartz, swarovski crystals, botswana, cornelian and sterling silver clasp. Dashing!

length of necklace is 32 1/4
length of cascading pendants are 5 inches

Price: $170.00
N# 30116
Mirianne -
Price: $105.00
CE# 01
Price: $25.00
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