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RC# 13
Love Strikes - The front is handcut faux snakeskin in a heart shape with floral embossed black pleather in lightning shape with silver tone studds. Back of earrings are handcut heart in dark bronze leather with handcut light silver in lightning shape with silver tone studds. Sterling hooks.
Price: $55.00
RC# 01
Naughty - silver spiral japanese glass cylinder beads ( 2 ) vintage silver skull & rose, hematite sqare stones, pewter textured oval chains, silvertone o chain, silver tone chains.

Full length of necklace is 19 3/4 inches
Length of cascaded pendants is 3 1/2 inches
Price: $65.00
RC# 24
Kandi -
Price: $45.00
RC# 18
Pink - handcut pink leather with square studds and sterling tone earring hooks
Price: $30.00
RC# 03
Avril Lavigne - vintage moonstone like button, square red swarovski crystals, hematite rounds, hematite rounded sqare beads, hematite
leaf, black flat wooden rounds, NEW easy on easy off rubber chain with japanese character peace chain. ( This chain can be worn separately ). Pewter chains, silver chains, hematite flat sqares double holed beaded and chained, vintage silvertoned sixties bead.

Length of necklace is 19 1/2 inches
Length of charms in total is 5 1/2 NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Price: $50.00
RC# 23
Roxy -
Price: $35.00
RC# 13
Rock Out - handcut gold crocodile pleather black floral embossed pleather with square studds and sterling earring hooks
Price: $40.00
RC# 10
Blaze -
Price: $45.00
RC# 11
Elkiss -
Price: $45.00
RC# 19
Hunter -
Price: $35.00
RC# 21
Electra -
Price: $35.00
RC# 04
Rihanna - pleather red and black pleathers, square studds, silvertone chains, silvertone earing clasps.
Front side of earrings are red and back sides are black.

length of each earring is 4 inches
Price: $45.00
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